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*news* Top 10 Best Idol Dancers Are…


In Kpop, the majority of idol groups sing and dance when they’re performing on a music show or at a concert. Many times, they also have friendly dance battles against each other. Although many idols are very talented dancers, only the most talented will stand out. Let’s see who made that list.

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*news* Kpop year 2010? “Again, 2008″

This year in Kpop seems like a good harvest year. From idol groups to singers who have been away from the local Kpop scene and to singer songwriter, we are expected to see them all back in action again.

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*news* ♥ SM Ent, YG Ent and more want YOU to be their next k-pop star! ♥

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That’s right – We’re looking for the next k-pop star! Over the years we’ve come a long way and we’re finally ready to dive into the k-pop entertainment scene full force – and we want to take you along with us!


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*news*The Good And Bad Examples: Idols eating their snacks!

There has been a trend amongst the Korean netizens lately do come up with their own series of parodies entitled ‘The Good And Bad Examples’. In these parodies, made purely for sake of entertainment, the netizens source for images of idols and tag them with captions of good and bad behaviour examples.

And recently there is one done on ‘The Good And Bad Examples: Idols eating their snacks’.

Find out more under the cut!

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*pics* 4minute in Streetfoot Magazine


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