*news* New Trio Seiren Releases First Single Album


Also new to the Korean entertainment scene is the female trio Seiren from JMF Entertainment.

Based off of Greek Mythology, the group name Seiren (Siren) represents the fairies of the sea who had attractive looks as well beautiful voices.

Today, Seiren released their first single album which is comprised of three songs – Don’t Leave, Shopping, and Fool. An instrumental of Fool is also included in the Single Album.

Don’t Leave is an upbeat, fast-tempo European styled song. The chorus is very addicting and can easily get stuck in your head. However, despite such a lively tempo, this song actually has bittersweet lyrics.

Shopping is a unique song with an attractive beat and its style is different from other songs in Korean mainstream. However, the new concept presented in Shopping may make you like the song even more.

Babo (Fool) is the one calmer song in this album compared to the other two. Fool has deep, emotional lyrics and the talents of the individual members can more easily be heard here.

Like what you’re reading? Then go to Youtube and listen to the songs!

Credit: Daum


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