*news* T-ara and KARA are Family


With the highly acclaimed comeback of T-ara and KARA, there were speculations that both groups will be facing tough competition, since both have similar concepts and the ammunition to dominate music charts. You’d think they would show hostility and intense rivalry on stage, but the members beg to differ

Despite T-ara’s repackaged album promotions of “I Go Crazy Because of You” knocking KARA’s “Lupin” out of the number one spot, the members of both girl groups are enjoying the competition together instead of against each other. These two groups have been sharing practice rooms for music shows as well as variety shows. It won’t be surprising to know that T-ara’s Hyomin grew closer to KARA’s Hara Goo from participating in the variety show “Invincible Youth“. Hyomin commented, “I’ve grown closer to Hara from KARA because of ‘Invincible Youth’. She’s really playful like I am and sometimes it seems she’s the bigger sister.”

KARA promoted their bubbly love song “Umbrella” together with “Lupin“, showing fans their contrast in concept between the songs. Well, T-ara is doing exactly that too. The girls are planning to turn on their womanly charms when promoting the latest track in their repackaged album “I’m Really Hurt“; a change from their gothic-like clothes in “I Go Crazy Because Of You“.



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