*news* Hankyung speaks for the first time since lawsuit!

It has been a long time since we have heard from Hankyung since he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to void his contract last December. Hankyung felt that the contract terms were unfair and wanted out.

As lawsuits take a while to be resolved, Hankyung had no other alternative but to sit and wait. So while Super Junior and Super Junior-M went about their usual schedules, there was no sign of Hankyung until now.

Chinese entertainment portal site, Sohu.com managed to invite Hankyung for an exclusive interview recently. A blog entry and preview video was posted on the website but has since been removed, without any valid reason. But resourceful fans have managed to upload the video and photos elsewhere, to share with fellow fans.

In the short preview, Hankyung expressed that he is still waiting for the result and he has handed it to his legal team to settle everything. Once there’s a result, he will notify everyone at the earliest possible time. And since he’s quite free now, he’s just resting. He also said that he wanted to become an actor and last but not least, he does not regret his path and remains committed in following through in the coming years



  1. #1 by leeteuk on March 13, 2010 - 9:50 PM

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