*news* Super Junior-M: Their ideal female!

Check out their ideal female:

Hankyung: I like a woman of simple and plain, with a simple way to dress well but elegant. Dating a woman like this will make you feel relaxed.

Zhou Mi: Women who has an aura artisitik.

Henry: I never thought would be given this question before. But if on the outside, of course, a beautiful girl, supported by a proportional body.

Kyuhyun: I hope she is someone who is understanding.

Ryeowook: If I choose a woman for a date, I wish she was perfect, for example, she has a perfect body and personality is perfect.

Siwon: I like the woman who innocently. she could show that life experience is different, but end of the day, she still could find its way on the right path.

Donghae: I like women who know how to get from one’s sincerity.


Q & A About the impression of someone who would be loved

Q1: What type of guy like you if viewed from a given this option? (Focus on career, home type, plain, gregarious)

HK: Wow, I guess I’m the type that focus on career. We’ve sacrificed a lot for singing career which we have pioneered, and this is very normal for people who are not biased to survive and who understand.
ZM: Viewed from the side of the age, Henry innocent type; Donghae also quite plain.
RW: I think it is the type of home. Especially Siwon. We work every day, and very exhausting. When we have time off, we usually will hide in a room and play a game on the computer.

Q2: In your opinion, the most romantic city is where?

KH: Tokyo! I felt the city was very warm and has a very large sea. Although the modernization of the city is growing rapidly, there are many romantic places are still there, and easy to recognize from one of romantic scenes in movies, such as <Love Story in Tokyo>.
HK: Beijing is a city also can easily find romantic spots. Because large, and many of the men and women who are still single here, then it would be a lot of wonderful love story here.

Q3: Normally, when a woman gave you Valentine’s improving, what is most special to be done to show their love?

RW: I think a full dinner served by the love because I think to cook is a very homy  behavior once. So if you want to make dinner, your beloved one would feel your love, and will be happy and grateful.
SW: Valentine Gifts selected with a difficult choice is usually going to succeed easily, because when the person receiving the gift you like to know him/her well.

cr:~Super Junior~


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