*news* Kpop year 2010? “Again, 2008″

This year in Kpop seems like a good harvest year. From idol groups to singers who have been away from the local Kpop scene and to singer songwriter, we are expected to see them all back in action again.

Son DamBi will also be back earliest on the Kpop stage end of this month. Making hits after hits with songs like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’, she will be back collaborating with the Brave Brothers again. According to officials, the recording of the album is at its finishing stage.

Much anticipation is for what concept, style and choreography they will be back with, setting new trends in 2010 with their grand performances.

The return of the Asia stars – Rain, BoA and Se7en

This year, one of the most anticipated events for Kpop is the return of the Asia stars Rain, BoA and Se7en. Especially for BoA and Se7en, it will be around 5 years since they last performance on the Kpop stage, and much attention is focused on their comeback.

BoA will be celebrating her 10th debut anniversary this year and will be releasing a new album on 25th August. She debuted in 25th August in 2001 with the album ‘ID;Peace B’. After which, she has gain much popularity and success with promotions in Japan and in the States. It will be her comeback after 5 years in Korea since her last album ‘Girls On Top’ released in 2005.

Se7en who had been away since 2006 for his advance in the American market, will be back possibly earliest in the earlier half of the year. He has been preparing for his Korean comeback since late last year, but for achieving higher degree of perfection in this album, the comeback would only happen this year.

Rain will also be back as a singer in April. His last album released here was ‘Rainism’ in 2008. The album will be released in the form of a minialbum and he will be working with Kim TaeWan who composed the album ‘Rainism’ for this album again.

A music industry official said, “With the 3 singers coming, the Kpop scene which has always been circulating around the idols will take whole new change. Especially since they are big stars, much anticipation is for their comeback.”

Kim DongRyul.Lee Jeok.Yoo HeeYeol – the comeback of the singer songwriters

It is known that Kim DongRyul will be back with a new album this year as a project group with Rollercoaster Lee SangSoon. Kim DongRyul had flown to the Netherlands last summer to meet up with Lee SangSoon who was studying aboard there and they are currently working on the lyrics of the songs.

For Lee Jeok he also revealed that he is currently preparing for an album last month on his blog twitter. He will be doing the recording works for the album in May, and the album will be out in early Autumn.

Yoo HeeYeol will also be releasing a new album this year, currently he is looking for the concept to the album.

◆ Comeback of Big Bang, and ‘discharged’ stars Kangta and Sung SiKyung

Other than that, the 79-er ballad singers KangTa and Sung SiKyung will be back in the Kpop scene. Idol group Big Bang will also be back in the earlier half of the year.

It seems that this year will be like a replay of year 2008 where we had the big match between the queens Lee Hyori and Um JungHwa, we also had the ‘So Hot’ and ‘Nobody’ craze from the WonderGirls, there were also the promotions by singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Rain etc.

Many in the music industry call 2010 ‘Again, 2008′.


Schedule comeback for March

  • Outsider ‘The Outsider’ – 2nd March
  • BEAST ‘Shock of the New Era’ – 1st March
  • Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) – 4th March
  • Epik High  special album – 9th March

Other scheduled comebacks

  • Lee Hyori – February
  • Son DamBi – End February TBC
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Black SoShi’ concept
  • WonderGirls
  • After School
  • SS501
  • 2PM
  • ZE:A
  • F.cuz
  • 2NE1
  • Rain
  • Se7en
  • BoA
  • Yoo HeeYeol
  • KangTa
  • Sung SiKyung
  • Big Bang 

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