*news*SNSD, “For ‘Black SoShi’, we will not be singing to the oppas but to the unnies”

So Nyeo Shi Dae reveals a little secret about their follow-hit with the concept of ‘Black SoShi’.

THe girls held their 1st Asian Concert Tour encore performance in Seoul Olympic Park on 28th February and during the interview before the concert they revealed, “This is a detailed secret. We will be showing the strong woman feel that we have not been able to show all this while.”

In the MV of ‘Oh!’ off the group’s new album released late January, at the end of the video was the concept for the girls’ follow-up song’s concept. And fans had called the concept ‘Black SoShi’.

So Nyeo Shi Dae, “In ‘Oh!’ we were calling out to the oppas, but for ‘Black SoShi’, we will be standing on the side of the unnies and singing. Currently we have finished the filming of the MV. Please look forward to it.”
And about the competition of the strong concepts used amongst the girlgroups like KARA and T-ara, the girls said, “It is exciting that the girlgroups get to show off their cool performances. Just thinking about promoting together, we are already looking forward to it.”

S: Newsen


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