*interview*BEAST Interview with Elle Girl + photoshoot


EG: Because of your busy schedule, I heard you guys barely have time to sleep these days and practiced until 5am.  Is it true after end of your scheduled appointments, you guys usually go back and practice?

Doojoon: Yes, we need to practice being in sync in our choreography and practice singing.  Feel like we’ve only had few hrs to sleep since we’ve debuted.. actually it started even before our debut… 
Yoseob I didn’t realize the greater extent of knowing the joy of being able to eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired till now…  to think our moms used to nag us to go to sleep and we didn’t…

EG: How did the name B2ST came about?
Dongwoon: There were actually a lot of other potential names we’d considered back then… 6 icons=6con, Genghis Khan, 300, K6… didn’t like any of them..
Junhyung: As times passed we had a “it’ll come as we go” attitude… but a month before our debut, a foreign choreographer described our team as “so beast”…meaning “how awesome”… apparently it’s a slang often used among dancers… Truthfully, when you look at the word, “Beast”, it’s often defined as a wild animal… already claimed by 2PM which worried us at first… As of now, we’re content… At times, we still get asked once in awhile…where the animal is among the members.  We’re told that when we go on stage or become sleep deprived we become like animals…

EG: I’m curious, who among B2ST would you describe as animal-like?
EVERYONE: It’s Doojoon
Hyunseung: At first glance, you can tell he’s a manly, handsome looking guy…with  a cool, manly personality.
Yoseob: During one of the stage rehearsals, Doojoon accidentally hit me on my face… hard enough to get one angered…Right afterward, he was like “why don’t you just hit me, too”… now really, how can I possibly hit him back?
Doojoon: Because I felt bad.

EG: Who amongst the members have known each other the longest?
Dongwoon: Kikwang hyung and myself… it’s been now almost 6yrs we first met, since JYP training days… Even back then, we were placed together in a group to practice singing… it’s interesting how we ultimately ended up in the same team.
Kikwang: Dongwoon is the same as before… He looks a bit more refined now… like today remained very passionate… a maknae who obeyed his hyungs very well…

EG: Considering you are similar in age and being so close, what are the pros and cons of being in the same group?
Doojoon: I think if there were to be a huge age gap, the older ones would try to dominate the younger ones… ultimately building up dissension and grudge against each other?  For us, we say what we want to say… If we had any grudge against each other, we try to reconcile at that moment… I’m pretty confident that we as a group are the closest compared to other korean idol groups.
Junhyung: Since we know each others’ personality very well, we barely even fight.  Because you will eventually develop a sense of awareness of when you should be cautious in certain situations and know when to bite your tongue and let things go… Haven’t seen any changes since our trainee days, because we’ve been close friends for so long.

EG: It’s been two months since you’d debuted, what was the most emotional memory you recall?
Hyunseung: Our first performance. After we came down from the stage, we were in a state of extreme excitement and regret all at the same time.  When I came back to the dorm and laid on my bed….that was when all the emotions hit me. 
Dongwoon: I only remembered my dad crying twice in my lifetime.  The time I decided to quit being a trainee and the time I talked to him on the phone after our very first B2ST performance… thanked him for believing in me over the years.   
Kikwang: It’s always emotional when I hear loud cheers from the fans… It’s very thrilling and exciting…

EG: Honestly, you don’t like hearing stories about being called rejected members or being known as longtime trainees, right?
Hyunseung: It’s not all negative… overall, it’s good because it makes the public know us a little bit more. 
Junhyung: Because of the hardship we’d experience, it compelled us to become better members. I think a person coming into this world will have great difficulty in coping with hardship, if they have not experienced failure in the past…
Doojoon: I don’t know about quitting after a failure… but we’re all here, after debuting together…  On the contrary, compared to others, I feel that we have a stronger sense of pride, having experience of knowing that hardship was no easy feat…

EG:  Considering the overwhelming reason to quit due to hardship, why would you then wanted to become a singer? 
Kikwang: In short, it’s a black hole
Junhyung: I started because I loved music.  As time passed, you begin to evolve to having a “this or nothing at all” perspective… Although thoughts of quitting have crossed my mind, my feet just wouldn’t move… Since I already started this journey…I’ve decided in my heart to persevere til I become the best.
Hyunseung: Although we have received a lot of attention and love at the same time… it’s not all for selfish reason to be in this profession… I hope people will not overlook at IDOL groups as simple minded children…

EG: Let me now start asking questions to individual members.  DJ, I heard you played sports during your high school days?
Doojoon Yes, I wanted to be a soccer player ever since i was young. Truthfully, there’s still a small part of me that foolishly desire that.
Yoseob Will you leave us if you get scouted by a famous GuDan (soccer league??)
Doojoon It was a joke.  As of now, because I’m having more fun and happy being able to sing, I’m okay…

EG: I heard there’s a rumor that amongst the members, you’re the most popular with the girls?
Doojoon Not me, Yosoeb’s very popular.
Junhyung Why are you acting so modest?  I used to watch him during the training days, and noticed that he was very popular with the girls.
Kikwang Among the fan girls, Yosoeb’s most popular.  Doojoon has a style that girls would naturally fall for…

EG: Recently for “Sunday Sunday Night” filming, you went to Africa.
Doojoon Yes.  It breaks my heart after seeing children in Africa.  I think my attitude has definitely changed since filming “Sunday Nite”.  [I’m] learning to appreciate things around me more.  Also because I get to film with well respected sunbaes (senior celebs), I’m trying my best to not become a detriment on the show.

EG: Kikwang, today you look very much like your character in “High Kick through the Roof”.
Kikwang:  You mean someone who likes sports, laughs a lot, and has an affection for one person?   The director actually tries really hard to place a lot of my character in SeHo.  Ah, aside from one, I don’t stalk.  Like SeHo, I have had a one way love affair.  I only liked her.  Eventually had the courage to confess my affections and even went out with her.  But, because she had to move, we had to end it.

EG: Are there any future plans for you to continue to act and sing at the same time?
Kikwang: Yes.  I really want to be in one of those heart-piercing, mellow love dramas. 

EG: Long training days, performing as a solo, and now debuting within a new group… what did you find most difficult?
Kikwang: There were many regretful moments during my AJ solo days.  I think I didn’t try harder enough.  I wished I could go back and do it all over again.

EG:  You seem to answer these questions with great struggle.  Do you happened to have the tendency to over think things?
Hyunseung: I tend to be indecisive.  Whether it’s ordering a product or selecting things off the menu, I always have great difficulty making a decision, especially if there are more than two things i want. 
Kikwang: Every time we eat out, he always asks us “what are you ordering?”… “is it good?”
Yoseob: He’s always the last one to order.  Just when the  ajumma’s about to head back to the kitchen, he calls her out again and changes his order.

EG: Compared to other members, what can you confidently say that you’re better at?
Hyunseung: I don’t know, organizing my wardrobe?  After we come back from our activities, other members have the tendency to throw their clothes around… But I’m the type of person who can’t sleep if I don’t place things back to where it belongs… because clothes are precious to me.  I also tend to monitor my performances a lot.  Though it may seem self-conscious… it’s never to a point where it gets out of hand.
Junhyung If we had a performance that very day, HS will monitor his performance all day long.  He’ll even intricately monitor the camera steps.   Even though other members may not see anything wrong with his performance, he gets depressed if the part he practiced on didn’t come out well.  He’s also the type with infinite stamina  who can, without sleep, exercise, and practice endlessly…

EG: YS, your name seems very unique. Is this your birth name?
Yoseob: 대들보 양 (daedulbo Yang??) Light-like Yo, Fire-like Seob…  basically means to shine like fire.  Please note that all the other members also kept their birth name as well.

EG: There seems to be a lot of comments of “aegyo yoseob” on your cyworld left behind by your fans.
Yoseob: Personally, I don’t think i possess any sexy, manly-like attractive qualities.  When I was young, I hated hearing people calling me cute, but after debuting….apparently this inner aegyo [cutesy side], that had a different coloring to it, began to appear.  Even this non-aegyoish like aegyo started to appear in front of other members which gets them annoyed (laughs).
Junhyung: When you look at Yoseob, you would think he’s the type of person that would keep his distance at arms length, but he’s actually the one amongst the members who looks after us.  If there were to be a member who happened to be sick, he’ll be the one who will buy the medicine for us… the type who’ll stick by you till you start laughing if you’re down…
Dongwoon: Also, the manly side of Yoseob hyung could be seen in our follow up “mystery” performances.

EG: Junhyung, I heard that you’d receiving special encouragements from Tiger ShinSahDong producer?
Junhyung: From the start of the album, I’ve gotten a lot of advice from him.  We still talk to each other on the phone these days. There were situations in the past, where he asked me to “try to come up with some melody and lyrics”… and situations now where I just come up with things here and there on my own.  I can’t officially go into details now but you will be able to have the opportunity to hear something written by Yong JunHyung, shortly.

EG: As a rapper, whom were you most influenced by?
Junhyung: Black rapper, Lil Wayne.  He’s able to show a side that we’ve never seen before, which makes him a cool musician.  Although it may just appear he’s standing around rapping on stage, he never performs “for the sake of doing it”… at times I feel that he does little things that people may often overlook. 

EG: Who do you think is the coolest male figure?
Junhyung: Few days ago when I came back to the dorm to check on my voice mail msgs, there were msgs left from one of my high school friends, who had recently left for mandatory military service.  When I tried to call him back, the cell was already turned off and he had already left.  I felt horrible. 
I think a person who’s found success and are able to continue to be in close contacts with his cronies is what defines a man to be cool.

EG: Dongwoon, is this “serious mode” a concept or are you normally this silent type?
Dongwoon: Normally, I’m very talkative but every time the camera turns on me, this part of me starts to disappear.  I’m the only one like this amongst our teammates.  However, my tongue will soon be loose.

EG: Do you know personally that you’re good looking?  Like a male sculpture figure?
Kikwang: Jang DongGun, WonBin, Kang DongWon and then he says that it’s him… hahaha
Dongwoon: That was just a joke.  I think when I was young I thought I was a good looking kid.  Apparently, when ajummas from the neighborhood would pass by and often comment… My mom would said that I would turn to her and ask “why is that ajumma telling me I’m good looking?”

EG: As you turn 20, what is it that you want to do most?
Dongwoon: I want to go to a club. Actually, not to long ago, all of the hyungs performed at the club.  I was the only one who wasn’t able to attend.  Was left by myself…eating cup ramyun noodles at the training room, and was watching uploaded videos captured by fans who were at the club.  I was very bitter.

EG: As a 6 member group, what are your future dreams for B2ST?
Dojoon: Korea’s longest standing group.  I want for us to be like this for a long time. This is what I tell the members all the time, “let’s have fun together as long as we can”.
Junhyung: The mark of being able to participate in the first album, to showcase distinct personal talents and to perform freely on stage is what makes B2ST members attractive.   As we continue to develop these skills, we hope to one day make people recognize and say “ah that’s B2STly style”… that’s our target. 
Kikwang: Considering we will probably be going to start overseas activities next year, I would like for us to receive Asia’s Best Male Group Award. 

EG: As the Christmas season is slowly approaching, do you have any plans coming up?
Dongwoon: If we have anything scheduled, I would like for all 6 of us to go out and eat something good.  Then again, it worries me if we don’t have anything scheduled coming up. 
Kikwang: Don’t you remember, Doojoon and Hyunseung are going to be on New Wheel (variety show) on Christmas Eve?
Junhyung: I heard they make you do random things on New Wheel.  You should prepare a lot.
Doojoon: We’ll continue to be active non-stop till the end the year.  Beginning tomorrow in Incheon, we’ll be starting our countrywide fan-signing events. 
Kikwang: Woah.  Are we finally starting to”make 10,000 fans”? (it was show back in the day)



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